Higgins Beach Inn - A Historic Maine Beachfront Hotel

The Higgins Beach Inn story begins with the passing of Higgins family patriach Hiram in 1892, as his children sought to capitalize on their inheritance by developing the area we now know as Higgins Beach in to a popular summer beach colony. 

After overcoming difficulties in bringing fresh, potable water to the area, visitors began to visit Higgins Beach in greater numbers. The Lawson House, the only hotel in the area, was serving locals and visitors as a rooming house and public dining room. As the popularity of the area increased, locals began renting rooms in their cottages when the Lawson House was fully occupied. Ed Higgins -- one of Hiram's sons -- saw an opportunity and during the winter of 1922/23, he built an extensive addition to his home, the first incarnation of the Higgins Beach Inn.

The original hotel had thirty guest rooms and a dining area for up to eighty people. Ed Higgins served as innkeeper while his wife, Ora, an accomplished cook, kept guests well fed. In 1945, Ed and Ora Higgins sold the hotel to Maurice Warner. In 1955, the hotel was acquired by Kenneth and Dorothy Laughton, who rented rooms for $3 per night during the offseason, and $35 per week in the summer, which included three meals per day. In 1964, the property was purchased by John Derry, it was during his tenure when alcohol was first served on the grounds. In 1968, John M. "Jack" Harrison purchased the Inn and changed the name from Higgins Inn to Higgins Beach Inn, they operated the property for twenty-eight consecutive seasons. 

In 1997, the Harrisons sold to Bob Westburg and Diane Garofolo. Their first year of ownership was a rebirth of the Inn, as Bob and Diane invested considerable time and money, as well as their talent, to restore the property to prosperity. In 2016, Migis Hotel Group acquired stewardship of the property and completed considerable renovations in 2017 to cultivate a unique hospitality experience on sunny Higgins Beach.


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