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The Higgins Beach Inn
and Garofalo's Restaurant
are located in a quiet Maine coastal community approximately 7 miles south of Portland, and 110 miles north of Boston. This three story colonial revival structure whose origin dates back to 1897, is within a stones throw of the unspoiled, sandy, Higgins Beach. Nestled between Prouts neck, and Crescent Beach State Park, the Higgins Beach Inn is ideally situated for a leisurely vacation on one of the finest beaches in Maine. Plan time for sunbathing, walks along the beach, surf casting, treasure hunting for sand dollars and shells, or surfing. Enjoy brilliant sunsets or just relax in the comfort of the Inn listening to the sounds of the surf hitting the beach.

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Higgins Beach Inn  •  34 Ocean Avenue  •  Scarborough, Maine 04074

TEL: 207-883-6684 or 800-836-2322  •  FAX: 207-885-9570  •  higgins@prodigy.net